(INDIANAPOLIS, IN) – Today, Indiana Property Rights Alliance (IPRA) submitted a Letter of Intent to the Indiana Attorney General, Todd Rokita.

The letter specifies that property owners and landlords in Indiana have been harmed by federal moratoriums and Governor Eric Holcomb’s Executive Orders. Despite the Supreme Court of the United States recent blocking of the CDC’s extension of eviction bans, landlords and property owners are left susceptible to the orders and actions of governors, government agencies, and Congress. Indiana Property Rights Alliance believes that this is unconstitutional and a direct threat to the core foundations of the United States.

Indiana Property Rights Alliance calls on the Attorney General to declare these actions unconstitutional and demands the State of Indiana and the Federal government provide immediate compensation for the losses incurred by property owners and landlords. If this is not completed in a timely manner, Indiana Property Rights Alliance will have no choice but to file lawsuits in the federal and state courts on behalf of our members, local housing providers.

IPRA President, Laura Guy, states “Private ownership of rental property is beneficial to communities. Eviction moratoriums are egregious to both landlords and tenants. Any further government interference by any government agency to contractual agreements between landlord and tenant is unconstitutional and a fundamental abuse of power.”

Click here for full copy of letter.

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Laura Guy, President 

Indiana Property Rights Alliance 

Indiana Property Rights Alliance is a 501(c)6 trade organization. The right to own personal property is a pillar of American Society. It’s written into our constitution and was a key factor in our fight for independence. Without full control over our persons and property, American is no better than a third world banana republic. IPRA was formed to protect this sacred right.