Meet Our Team

Your Board Members fight for your Indiana Property Rights. 

Meet Our Team

Your Board Members fight for your Indiana Property Rights

Laura Guy

President Laura Guy has been an active real estate investor in Indianapolis since 2009. After graduating from Butler University in 2004 with a business degree, she worked in the insurance industry, before deciding to go into business on her own. 

Since then, she has purchased, wholesaled or flipped over 500 properties in the Indianapolis area, specializing in downtown neighborhoods. She holds several residential, multi family, and commercial rental units. 

She is an avid activist for constitutional rights and a dog mom of a 150 pound English Mastiff.  

Lauren Hicks

Vice President Lauren Monroe has been an active full time investor since 2015. She has wholesaled and flipped over 250+ properties including single family, multifamily, and commercial. She got her Real Estate license and worked in property management before diving head first into investing. She is part owner of Acquire Indy where she takes the role of disposition specialist. She resides in Plainfield, IN with her husband Sean, son Brandon (9), and 2 dogs. She spends time volunteering at Brandon’s school where they are also involved in baseball and basketball. 

Lee Phillabaum

Board of Trustees Lee Phillabaum is the Co-Founder of Sovereign Property Investments, llc an real estate syndication business. Lee is a real estate business operations expert. He has acquired strong business acumen through running various businesses and representing other investors in real estate transactions. Additionally, Lee has experience in dealing with contractors, property managers, and other investors. Lee currently holds a position at Ethosity Property Management as a Business Development/Client Service Provider and is a Certified Real Estate Broker with personal experience in real estate investing. This includes helping his clients with analyzing, acquiring, rehabbing and managing rental properties.

Lee earned his degrees from Indiana State University in Aviation Management, Economics, and Business Administration. Before starting Sovereign Property Investments he worked as an operations manager in the aviation field. His experience as an investor started at age 18 in the stock market then moved to rental properties during collage. Lee has grown his investment portfolio by investing in both real estate and stock market opportunities. This has created the benefit of growing his investment portfolio faster together then separately

Evan McMahon

Evan McMahon is the Chair of the Libertarian Party of Indiana, investment property owner, and a nationally recognized expert on issue advocacy and campaigning. 

Over the past 20 years, Evan has worked in all 50 states on political campaigns focused on candidates for public office, underrepresented industries, and minority opinion policy positions. These efforts led to positive policy changes for those industries and supportive officials elected to office. 

As a Libertarian and Housing Provider, Evan is concerned with the ongoing attacks on private property rights on the state and local level. Whether it’s restrictions on how you rent your property, bans on short term rentals, zoning and building codes that hamper development and investment, or the myriad of forms that differ from city to city… this assault on private property is coming from the left and the right. 

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